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Baltimore City Paper - Best of Baltimore -
September 20, 2006
Best Reason for Tastebuds

Chocolate . . . omigod . . . mmmmmmmm. Just the word itself sends your senses into a desperate longing for satisfaction. With the market flooded with waxy imitations like Snickers and Krackle, it can be tough to find the perfect chocolate fix--the ultimate in real chocolaty goodness. If you're a true chocoholic, end your search at Kirchmayr Chocolatier. Kirchmayr has elevated the humble candy bar to artwork status. The store's delicious darks, milks, and truffles, created using candy-making techniques the store's owner studied in Europe, are the best the Baltimore area has to offer. Pick up the silky milk-chocolate bars emblazoned with the days of the week on them--be warned, though, the seven pieces are likely to last you seven seconds, not days. During the holidays, pick up the obligatory Easter bunnies, Santas, and Cupids here--they beat the supermarket ones hands-down. And while you're there, don't forget to pick up the dried cherries covered in dark chocolate--indulgence is good.

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